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heavily associated with baseball bats. Eddie Van Halen 's cut up and retaped guitars ( Frankenstrat so much so that Van Halen 's Greatest Hits Album uses a red, black, and white motif for code promo samsung pour amazone frais the cover. Fan Works Films Animation In Aladdin, Genie's shackles. Mousse's glasses, Ukyou's giant battle spatula, Nodoka's family sword, Cologne's staff, Kodachi's ribbon, and Ryouga's umbrella also qualify as personality-defining items. Buffyverse : Buffy had her stakes, but they really tried last minute to give her a more defined one in a slayer scythe. Ash's Squirtle from the Squirtle Squad has pretty awesome sunglasses reminiscent of Kamina's. It's an equippable item in that same game. His Shotgun may be working its way up to this status, as it's the only weapon besides E I to be present in all four games. At one point on The Amazing Race 7, he gives a local the blue Red Sox hat he traditionally wore on Survivor, and from the next leg on (including on All-Stars) he wore a red one instead.

A rule of thumb for the Fallout games is that the armor worn on the cover tends to become iconic. Judge Dredd 's Lawgiver gun. Benny's chequered suit and his stylized Browning HP Maria is also a highly prominent example considering he uses this combination to set the entire New Vegas plot line in motion.

The Dukes of Hazzard has the unforgettable General Lee, although in this case it defines both of the Duke brothers. In the Belphegor series - Belphegor's Ring of Power and gold mask without a mouth, combined with his black outfit with hood and cape.

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Parodied in a Spongebob Squarepants episode when Spongebob loses all his clothes in his efforts to escape Sandy's dangerous "pre-hibernation week" activities, and Sandy stumbles across them while looking for him. Web Comics Something*Positive : Aubrey's choker, so much so that it became a plot point when her soon-to-be-husband Jason destroyed it accidentally. He was actually more of an alkie, but when a famous picture of him smoking one was circulated, he received so many free ones that he picked up the habit. Raising Heart from Lyrical Nanoha. Dan's "Jerk" shirt from Dan. From Xenosaga, KOS-MOS can use many weapons, but her dual triple barrel gatling guns are by far her most iconic. Xena: Warrior Princess : Xena's chakram was used to introduce her character from off-screen, since if you saw it come into the frame, you knew that Xena had thrown. The Whiterun Guard's Armor (scale and chainmail combo with a yellow scarf/sash) seems to be the Iconic Outfit for guards as a whole now. Notably, the purple lightsaber was Samuel.

Red Puckett: ( quietly ) I usually wear. Wonder Woman : Wonder Woman 's lasso, bracelets and tiara. Bleach Ichigo's substitute sign. Rincewind's hat in Discworld. Little Red Riding Hood : her red hood It's not really a The Black Company book until One-Eye's hat has been brought. Her cleaver also counts. Tsubaki Yayoi's Armagus, the Sealed Weapon Izayoi, and especially her Nice Hat with the eye (which is part of the aforementioned Izayoi).

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